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November 2017

iPhone X – Should you believe the hype?

If you tend to suffer from a nasty case of upgraditis (the affliction that keeps you looking for the “next best thing”) there is nothing that serves it better than the smartphone industry. I got on the iPhone train at… Continue Reading →

Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo 1.2TSi 110 DSG

For those comfortably into their fourth decade or more, we can recall a time where car model names were fairly manageable. Predominantly, you were shown the manufacturer’s name, the model and then a classification beyond that of engine size and… Continue Reading →

Car Makers: Do They Know Better Than Apple?

As traffic gets ever slower, the case gets ever stronger for decent entertainment within your vehicle. Back at the dawn of time, you could have much fun attempting to enjoy music with an on-board record player or four track tape… Continue Reading →

Ford S-Max 2010 – UPDATE

The faithful family lugger is still ploughing on but chinks are beginning to appear in its armour. Performance is still strong from the 240hp 2.0 turbo Ecoboost engine and it was put to test as it hauled our family of… Continue Reading →

Is The Motor Industry going mad?

It’s a broad topic but one worth investigating. The recent Tokyo Motor Show has once again brought to mind the question: “What on earth is going on?” Manufacturers are producing cynically small updates to their model line ups, and trying… Continue Reading →

From out of the blue…

In a rather curious turn of events, I have decided to add an extra string to my bow. Due to an incurable lifelong fascination with cars, I am now writing articles for my own amusement and, hopefully, that of others… Continue Reading →

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