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The Range Rover Velar makes a good impression

As a brand, Land Rover have done an admirable job in producing vehicles that are appealing and eminently suitable for their task. When the Range Rover was adopted by the Chelsea set, many jokes were made about the massive four-wheel… Continue Reading →

It doesn’t need to be fast to be fun

As much as the car enthusiast will love the thrill of going fast, we seem to be in an ever-decreasing spiral of frustration. Engineers are forever managing to push the boundaries of vehicle technology and thus create more competent vehicles… Continue Reading →


For anyone who has been driving a number of years, the act of getting in a vehicle and transporting yourself to a new destination is probably taken for granted. For those who have no real interest in cars, the journey… Continue Reading →

New Year…New Plans

I don’t know if this is a common problem for those with anything vaguely related to motor oil in their veins, but I seem to have fallen madly in love with the idea of a new car. (Well, new to… Continue Reading →

iPhone X – Should you believe the hype?

If you tend to suffer from a nasty case of upgraditis (the affliction that keeps you looking for the “next best thing”) there is nothing that serves it better than the smartphone industry. I got on the iPhone train at… Continue Reading →

From out of the blue…

In a rather curious turn of events, I have decided to add an extra string to my bow. Due to an incurable lifelong fascination with cars, I am now writing articles for my own amusement and, hopefully, that of others… Continue Reading →

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